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A Female-Dominated World and Other Fictional Ideas

Disclosure!: The title and content of this article is in no way a major negative view of the author and his views on feminism, but rather a way to get the reader’s attention and to create discussions upon the power dynamics of society. This is not meant to induce anger and negative ideological understandings, but […] Continue reading

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Why so many “Moravian” animals?

This post is a response to the previous post’s fourth question,  ”Does the line ‘The Tigers couch upon the prey & suck the ruddy tide’ (Europe 18/15:7; page 106) allude to a Moravian view of Christianity or, literally, to images of fearful tigers in other Blake poems (such as ‘The Tyger’ for instance)?” Firstly, why […] Continue reading

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Enitharmon’s dream: what do women want?

To answer the question of why Enitharmon’s eighteen hundred year-old slumber is described as a “female dream,” we must first establish exactly what her dream is. There are three important facts about her dream: 1)      It begins with the birth of Christ and lasts for eighteen hundred years until the French Revolution. 2)      It is […] Continue reading

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Europe, A Prophecy

For next Wednesday (10/23), students will write a post that answers ONE of the three set prompts on Europe A Prophecy (see below).  Or, brave and daring students can formulate their own question and answer regarding a specific line(s), image, motif, theme, or symbol in Europe, A Prophecy.  (Word of advice: now is the time to make […] Continue reading

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