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CAR: Chad, the UN, and the EU

Withdrawal of Chadian “Peacekeeping” Troops The Chadian government announced last week that it will begin to withdraw its troops from the CAR, saying that “Chad and Chadians have been targeted in a gratuitous and malicious campaign that blamed them for all the suffering in CAR”.  Chad has been a major player in the attempts to keep the… Continue reading

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CAR: The International Response

EU Peacekeeping Mission Underway On Saturday, March 29, the EU announced that it finally had enough member country support to launch an peacekeeping mission into the CAR, pledging 800 to 1,000 troops to support the 6,000 AU and 2,000 French troops already on the ground.  Germany, while offering no combat troops, played a key role… Continue reading

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Senegal: Helping the Common Senegalese

Renting a New Future A new law mandating across-the-board rent reductions in Senegal is a double blessing for its real estate market and possible buyers. Two years after successfully running on a campaign to lower living costs, President Macky Sall has received wide praise for the law from residents frustrated with the city’s pricey… Continue reading

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Zimbabwe: Corrupt and Unpopular with the United States

Government Fails to Follow Through on Civil Servants Pay Rise The Zimbabwean government and civil servants’ representatives agreed last month on a salary deal, and civil servants were supposed to be back-paid from last month, but they have not received any extra money. There has been no explanation as yet from the government about why… Continue reading

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