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Blake’s Private Affairs: Censoring Poetic Genius

The engraving from William Blake’s Plate 49 depicting Los engaged in sodomy is a non-secular subject in which Blake explicitly alludes to (but does not name) the tyrannical government in power- most likely of Napoleon’s, but openly assigned to treat authorities such as our current Trump presidency. Along with the anthropocentric charges, “Who creeps into […] Continue reading

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Kickin’ it with William Blake (in Hell)

William Blake gets mixed up with the wrong crowd in The Marriage of Heaven and Hell. He summons demons that help to resurrect Aristotle’s Analytics in skeleton dream-form, and then proceeds to watch cannibal monkeys perform a religious sacrifice. He should have listened when his momma warned him to look out for guys like that, and even […] Continue reading

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William Blake Conversion Therapy

The sarcastic tone and presentation, beginning with Marilyn Manson’s description of being a generous lover, in his reading of William Blake’s Marriage of Heaven and Hell are complementary and yet sardonic pieces. Editorial footnotes in Blake’s Poetry and Designs indicate that the plate title images are depicting the conversion of an angel, into the so-called devil. Repetitive instances of the […] Continue reading

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Hitchcock Blake

Reading Blake’s Songs of Innocence in parallax with the horror movie cliches founded in the works of film director, Alfred Hitchcock allows for a humorous yet insightful meditation of modern day applications in popular media for aiding and addressing mental illness and prison reform. Continue reading

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Juvenile Progress in Defining Blake’s Poetic Genius

Graffiti art demonstrates the anti-iconoclastic tensions which arise in Sir Joshua Reynold’s critical definition of art. Continue reading

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