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Family Poems for Every Day of the Week

A bilingual celebration of family, Family Poems for Every Day of the Week (Poemas Familiaries para cada día de la semana) is a collection of poems that reflect the multicultural life experiences of many Latino children today. The poems were written by Francisco X. Alarcón and are based on his childhood experiences and his family. Maya […] Continue reading

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Last Stop on Market Street

I cannot say enough good things about Matt de la Peña and Christian Robinson’s 2015 Last Stop on Market Street. I stumbled upon it quite by accident, tugging on its bright orange spine in the hopes that the book would be less dusty and worn than the others I’d found in the library…and I was not […] Continue reading

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Winner Wednesday: Blackout

Blackout by John Rocco tells the story of a family during a power outage in New York City. The book won the Caldecott Honor in 2012, and from the beautiful scene on the cover alone, it’s clear why. The book begins with a boy, wanting to spend time with his family who is all much […] Continue reading

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Marvelous New Picture Book Mondays: Once A Shepherd

Once A Shepherd by Glenda Millard is a story of how war can can change the entire trajectory of a person’s life.  It is spell-binding and abrupt, but still an appropriate and humanizing introduction to the tragedies of war.   The story begins with blissful newly weds who tend sheep and spin wool.  Tom and […] Continue reading

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Incorrectly Cracking the Code of Life

After watching NOVA’s 2001 special, “Cracking the Code of Life”, which not only explores the superficial characteristics of DNA but also depicts various bioethical issues, I can’t help but be frustrated with the documentary’s depiction of the Lord family. Each of the twin Lord brothers had a son with Tay Sachs, an awful diagnosis for […] Continue reading

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Genetic Engineering and the Breakdown of the Family

Both Gattaca and Beggars in Spain take place in futuristic societies in which advanced genetic engineering allows for a person’s characteristics to be controlled simply by altering the person’s genes while they are still an embryo. However, the unfortunate result of this is that in both stories, children are generally seen not as a gift to be […] Continue reading

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Corporal Punishment

I have a question about corporal punishment and race. I was spanked as a kid while many of my friends now were not. I have told them stories about my family’s discipline and have gotten reaction of shock. These reactions have made me think about whether I will spank my kids in the future. Is […] Continue reading

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Blame the Family …..

Whose to blame when someone does not “succeed” in life? Do we blame the White man? Do we point the finger at the school system or the judicial/criminal court system? While many institutions serve as obstacles for many disenfranchised minorities, what about putting some of the blame on the family! We have a whole generation […] Continue reading

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