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What Would I Give Up?

In a post 9/11 America, which is all I’ve ever known, I am paranoid. When I enter public spaces like movie theaters or airports, there’s always an irrational fear in the back of my head that something is going to go wrong. This fear was undoubtedly placed there by terrorists, so they are clearly succeeding […] Continue reading

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The Eye: In Gaming and Other Forms of Media

A. A. BENJAMIN   I’ve noticed a trend in the different mediums I’ve come in contact with lately.   What is the cultural significance of this eye and why do we fear it? It drives us instinctively to hide even when it has not been explained—game, movie or otherwise—why we should hide in the first place. […] Continue reading

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Lying and Religion

Max’s post “Religion of the Crakers” brought to my mind the cynicism towards religious ideas in both Oryx and Crake and in other various forms of media. One excerpt particularly struck me in the book about concepts of immortality. “‘Immortality,’ said Crake, ‘is a concept. If you take ‘mortality’ as being, not death, but the […] Continue reading

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Queering heteronormative cultural narratives

I thought that this week’s reading, especially the Judith Halberstam chapter, was incredibly interesting.  I could write about a lot, but I want to focus on the idea of “disposable bodies” and media portrayals of trauma and queerness.  Why do … Continue reading Continue reading

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