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The “Female Dream” and Social Stagnation

As the central component of William Blake’s Europe: A Prophecy, Enitharmon dream and its characterization as a “female dream” is significant in demonstrating the impact of female energy on revolution. Enitharmon is identified as the “source of female sexual pleasure” (Europe Summary) and of “Spiritual Beauty.” Blake’s view of Enitharmon reminded me of Mary Wollstonecraft’s […] Continue reading

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Lost in the Moment

In Blake’s Europe A Prophecy, he uses a character, Enitharmon, to represent womanhood; she is a character inspired by Blake’s wife. In A Prophecy, Blake describes Enitharmon falling into an eighteen-hundred-year-old slumber which he calls a “female dream” (ll. 5, 101). In the Blake Dictionary, it is stated that Enitharmon’s idea of a Woman’s world […] Continue reading

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