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First Impressions

1.  There used to be a name for gifted people like Aiko. Tobi ga taka wo umu, or a hawk born from kites.  Only now, everyone can be a hawk. 2.  If you ask for her most treasured memory, she’ll tell you it’s a scent.  Ask her for her favorite story, and she’ll say it’s a song. […] Continue reading

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First Lines

Her hand inched forward, and then she stopped. Think, she told herself. Did she really want to go through with this? Often, as a child, he would gaze into the pitch black of the night sky and wonder what was out there. Of course, he had heard stories. Stories of danger and romance, to be […] Continue reading

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Starting Lines

These lines don’t necessarily telegraph that the ensuing story will be hard sci-fi but I did have a sci-fi scenario/story to follow from each. I thought it was more fun that way and hopefully no one will be puzzled by that. Here they are: 1. Over the years Wilbur had collected first editions of all […] Continue reading

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5 Opening Lines

1. It had been three centuries to the day since the last man died, taking with him the last Y chromosome the world will ever know and leaving behind nothing but a sea full of estrogen. 2. The shuttle took off with loud bang, propelling Xander on his mission to yet another Galaxy on the outskirts of […] Continue reading

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Hook, Line & Sinker

Fourscore and seven years ago, the world turned to darkness. Utter and complete darkness. The government had ignored the signs; the people had ignored the signs. Nobody was to blame, but everybody was to blame. The list of pointed fingers was endless. Pounding heart. Tunnel vision. Dr. Bryan’s lungs screamed for air as he waited […] Continue reading

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5 Engaging Starting Points

1. Everyone had expected the international release of the commercial time machine to be the start of a new knowledge revolution – past, present and future always at your fingertips. However, no one could have predicted the horrors that came hand in hand with the ability to see from the beginning to the end of […] Continue reading

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5 1st Lines I Wish Were in Books

1. Jeff’s head came off easily, smoothly, just as they’d promised. He cradled it in his hands a moment, then set it gently down on the table. From there, he stared critically at the rest of his body. 2. Christmas morning brought with it, as it always did now, a fine dusting of white powder […] Continue reading

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Five Starting Points

1. The man fought the rising serge of panic within him as he desperately sought refuge from the enraged mutant children of his cold, thoughtless genetic experiments. 2. It can be very distracting hearing the telekinetic projections of others, but on the bright side, there’s not enough room to get a song stuck in my […] Continue reading

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