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[Bonus] The Bride of Frankenstein: A Deeply Troubling Ending

Here’s a basic plot summary of The Bride of Frankenstein (Whale 1935) for everyone that has managed to avoid seeing this movie for the past 84 years. Victor Frankenstein has vowed never to make another monster again but is black mailed by another mad scientist named Dr. Pretorius into collabing on the creation of a […] Continue reading

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A World Devoid of Agency: 1931 Frankenstein

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Did Disney read Frankenstein?

Before taking this class, I was not very familiar with the conventions, history and common knowledge between authors of the 19th century, but now I am able to see the influences of 19th century literature everywhere, even in Disney movies! I discovered this pretty easily because I have an 11-year-old sister and ever since she […] Continue reading

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Undertale – Player Agency in a Sci-Fi World

Whenever I’m reading a book that transports me to another world, or another version of reality, I always think about what I would do if I were in the main character’s shoes. That’s part of what it’s like to relate to a character – to experience their story alongside them, seeing how they act, and […] Continue reading

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Black Mirror: 200 Years of Sci-Fi Influence

SPOILER WARNING FOR BLACK MIRROR SEASONS 3 AND 4 Over the past decade, anthology series have seen a significant rise in popularity, particularly in the horror and science fiction genres. From “American Horror Story” to the revival of the classic series “The Twilight Zone”, anthologies are in high demand both on streaming services and on […] Continue reading

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Frankenstein and the War on Drugs

Many people proclaim that “drugs are bad” but is outlawing them creating more evil than leaving them legal? According to, “The term ‘organized crime’ didn’t really exist in the United States before Prohibition.” During Prohibition, the mob was in charge of widescale distribution of alcohol, and in the 21st century, as a result of […] Continue reading

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CRISPR, Cloning, and Self Preservation: How SF Handles Morale

Cloning is my favorite thing ever. Okay, let me rephrase. Studying the sociological and scientific impacts of cloning is one of my favorite intellectual ventures (second only to my recent research on the Oxford comma). In high school, I even had the opportunity three times to hear renowned Harvard-alum Sam Rhine lecture at his annual […] Continue reading

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She Won’t Read That

I don’t read or watch science fiction, if I can help it. My favorite Star Wars movie is the third one (not counting the prequels) because the Ewoks are cute. I tried to read Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and made it less than thirty pages. My eyes could barely keep themselves open during Blade Runner. I always […] Continue reading

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Technology, Culture, and the Perception of Horror

Horror is an incredibly subjective genre. Your perception of horror is greatly influenced by your own life and experiences. While watching a horror film, one viewer may have their hands over their eyes and scream while the girl runs up the stairs with a murderer in the house, while another may just laugh at her […] Continue reading

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Building Build-A-Frank

The design process – Joe Going into the project, I was excited to make a board game because of the creative expression the medium allows. There has been an explosion of adult board games and card games in recent years, with games like Cards Against Humanity and Catan proving that there’s more to the genre … Continue reading “Building Build-A-Frank” Continue reading

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