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Free Will vs. Fate

Was it your choice to read this article? A single decision selected from an infinite pool of possibilities, placing you on a course completely dictated by your own conscious power of reason and choice? Or was this just another stepping stone in the endless stream of causality? An inevitable result of each and every event […] Continue reading

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Consciousness and Personal Identity

A philosophical analysis of speculative fiction film Get Out Get Out is a speculative fiction film I’m sure many of you have seen. The premise: a community of wealthy white individuals that kidnap black people, and insert their brains—and consciousnesses—into the “physically advantageous” black people’s bodies. The consciousnesses of the black people go into the “sunken […] Continue reading

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The Genetic Plot

The first five sections of David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas showcase an eclectic formats. Readers are enveloped into a close first person journal, privy to letter correspondences and interview transcriptions, and pulled along in suspense-filled mysteries. Some formats allow more insight into a characters motives than others. Across the styles, characters are mercilessly driven to their […] Continue reading

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Do you believe …

Do you believe in fate? When I asked my close friend, who I shall name Bob for this blog, why he would consider time travel if it had the capability of changing the past, present, or future, his response intrigued me. He replied that he would have to because he had already done it. Bob […] Continue reading

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