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Milton, Spectres, and Flowers

In William Blake’s Milton: Book the First, Blake critiques John Milton’s intents in Paradise Lost. Despite, his admiration for Milton, Blake believes that Milton’s idea that relegating revolutionary energy was diabolic. Instead, he thinks that was diabolic was Milton’s “selfhood” or self righteousness, to put in other terms. In Line 8-11 he states: The Eternal Great […] Continue reading

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Free Fridays: Me with You – A Captivating & Quick Read

I saw this book in the Peabody Library and was immediately drawn to it. The illustrations in this book, created by Christopher Denise, are intricate, colorful, and heartwarming.  They go along beautifully with the text, advancing the story by demonstrating so much emotion through facial expressions and colors. Published in 2013, Me with You by Kristy Dempsey centers […] Continue reading

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Winners Wednesdays: Freedom Summer

In Freedom Summer, Deborah Wiles tells the story of two young boys in the summer of 1964, right after the Civil Rights Act is passed.  This book received the Coretta Scott King / John Steptoe new talent award for Jerome Lagarrigue and the Simon Wiesenthal “Once Upon A World Award.” The story is told from the perspective of […] Continue reading

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