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The Growth of Mobile Gaming

“The screen is just too small”, “Control systems are poor”, and “There is little to none quality control” – these comments are what we normally hear from gamer with respect to mobile game. However, there is a fact none of us can deny: we have all played mobile games, whether frequently or not. People choose … Continue reading “The Growth of Mobile Gaming” Continue reading

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A New Chance in an Old Scene

With its original release in 1999, the Super Smash Brothers franchise has been around for nearly two decades, with the next iteration on the horizon.  As December 7th quickly approaches and gamers from all different walks of life gear up to play this seemingly timeless classic, others (myself included) are preparing for a dramatic shift … Continue reading “A New Chance in an Old Scene” Continue reading

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Rated E – Not Quite For Everyone

Practice makes perfect, but do you ever wonder why some people need less practice than others? Have you ever been awful at a video game and figured, “oh well I just need to get used to it” but then you never caught on? If you never have been in this position, you can take it … Continue reading “Rated E – Not Quite For Everyone” Continue reading

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Subverting Tropes in Video Games

Tropes and subversion are nothing new. Tropes range from Chekhov’s Gun to the oft-maligned “110%”. It is hard to define exactly what a trope is, but sites like exist solely to track and explain tropes that exist in all forms of media. And where there are tropes, there are creators and creative minds trying … Continue reading “Subverting Tropes in Video Games” Continue reading

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Augmented Empathy: VR/AR’s Impact on Gamers

Game psychologists are looking to a relatively new gaming medium to explore the effects of in-game experiences on the real lives of gamers: virtual and augmented reality. According to the Virtual Reality Society, virtual reality gaming is “where a person can experience being in a three-dimensional environment and interact with that environment during a game.” … Continue reading “Augmented Empathy: VR/AR’s Impact on Gamers” Continue reading

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Where are all the Black People?

Within games and gaming communities alike, there is an overwhelming lack of diversity: Fantasy games like Dragon Age or Final Fantasy have a surprising lack of black and brown people aside from the few used as plot points. The addition of female soldiers in Call of Duty: WW2 had male fans in an uproar about historical accuracy—what, were women not … Continue reading “Where are all the Black People?” Continue reading

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Taking the Video Out of the Game

Looking through the historical progression of games, there seems to be a fairly smooth path that points towards video games being the current end point. This makes sense considering that video games and VR are the peak of gaming technology, but what about the games that go back in time? As an avid board game … Continue reading “Taking the Video Out of the Game” Continue reading

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Player Interaction in MOBAs

Hello! I’m Kevis Tsao. I’ve been an avid moba gamer all my life, from the earliest flash games like Minions and VORP! to the largest franchises today like League and Dota 2. I love all kinds of games, especially roguelikes, deck-builders, and strategy turn-based games, but the genre that holds my heart and my mind … Continue reading “Player Interaction in MOBAs” Continue reading

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Operation Rainfall

Games have become a part of our everyday lives and culture. Whether you play them or not, games are all around the world, and they can differ from country to country. Japan, more specifically Nintendo, has been known for developing titles specifically for their country and not releasing them overseas, such as with the acclaimed … Continue reading “Operation Rainfall” Continue reading

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Seveneves: The Role-Playing Game!

  [featured image taken from When you were a kid, did you ever play those games where you would look up to the sky and imagine the clouds as bunnies, dragons, or anything in between? Did you ever play the ever-popular “the floor is lava” game? If so, fantastic, because as a kid you’re … Continue reading “Seveneves: The Role-Playing Game!” Continue reading

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