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Blood Lines – Graphic Fiction about Genetic Enhancement

This collaborative project from 2008 features the artwork of Anna Musun-Miller and the creative narrative by Matt Walker, both former Vanderbilt students in an early iteration of this class. Continue reading

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Health care in the future?

Health care is a human right. We all have the right to the highest quality of physical and mental health care, which includes access to medical services, healthy working conditions, sanitation, and a clean environment. Since health care is so essential to human life, why have we rarely read about creative medical advancements in science […] Continue reading

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A New Age of Eugenics?

Within the genre of science fiction, the issue of eugenics and the evolution of mankind through selective reproduction and genetic manipulation has played a prominent role works such as Frank Herbert’s Dune, Robert Heinlein’s Methuselah’s Children, and Octavia E. Butler’s Lilith’s Brood trilogy to name only a few. While commonly dismissed in the present-day as […] Continue reading

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Genetic Horror in Annihilation

Very interesting article on the new film directed by Alex Garland, Annihilation (2018). Advertisements Continue reading

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Cloud Atlas: Everything Is Connected

Let’s be honest. Cloud Atlas — both Cloud Atlas the book and “Cloud Atlas” the movie — is dense. It’s complicated, and it’s almost dizzying in scope. I know of no other work of art that has covered as many facets of the human experience: life and death, love and greed. The book is a masterpiece, and yet author […] Continue reading

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Some of the Best Science Social Fiction of our Time

I have a confession. I never considered myself a fan of science fiction. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I didn’t see myself as one until I was 20 years old. If we’re being honest, I had always regarded science fiction as a genre for geeks. I thought it could offer me little, and […] Continue reading

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What Do We Sacrifice For “Perfection”?

It looked like any other hospital waiting room. Well, any other hospital waiting room in the year 2050. I’ve been told that you weren’t kept behind bars like a common criminal. I’ve been told the doors didn’t always have locks on the outside. Hell, I’ve even been told the rooms had chairs to sit in. […] Continue reading

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The New Equations

Because everyone deserves a happy ending. (Continued from The Old Equations, by Jake Kerr) March 1, 2194—LC-E transmission Kate, your final message inspired me, but it is so hard to sit here and just wait. And wait. And wait. I’ve kept the QE link from Earth open, even though nothing ever comes through. Still, I […] Continue reading

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Manifest Destiny in the New Frontier

Americans have always been a curious lot.  We have felt this desire to “boldly go where no man has gone before” from the time of the late 19th century when the idea of “Manifest Destiny” was coined, an idea reflecting our belief that we were destined to explore and colonize the new realm of the wild west, to […] Continue reading

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Genetics and Environment: Final Project

The global population is expected to increase by almost 3 billion people by the year 2100. Genetic adaptations and manipulations will result in better nutrition, superior health, and longevity for these generations of humans. Despite the many positive outcomes positive eugenics can have for the individual, an increased population may have devastating affects on consumption, […] Continue reading

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