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Ethics vs. Strategy

The Zimmerman Telegram was a telegram from Germany to Mexico containing crucial war information about The Great War. It included the Germans’ plans for unrestricted submarine warfare, as well as a proposal asking Mexico to ally with the Germans and invade the US. The Germans had hoped to attack the US on three fronts: Mexico […] Continue reading

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Great Mind Games, Britain

As discussed in the book, initially, the British were quiet and low-key when it came to the fact that they could decode Germany’s messages during the first world war. But then, Winston Churchill and the British Royal Navy decided to let it be known that they knew how to break the codes all along. Upon […] Continue reading

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Wartime Measures

It’s important to take into account the circumstances of a situation. In times of war, different standards are often applied to domestic and foreign policy as countries are working in their best interests to defend their home front. In terms of the Zimmerman telegram, I think it was a strategic move for Britain to not […] Continue reading

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Sudan: International Waters

No Visa for the US Special Envoy to Sudan Former President Jimmy Carter has revealed that President Bashir has refused to grant US special envoy, Donald Booth, a visa to meet with government officials. Bashir cited the United States’ refusal to grant him a visa to attend the United National General Assembly Meeting in New… Continue reading

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