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A Response to “An Examination of Metaphorical Self-Flagellation”

I am looking at Ajejandro’s post. An Examination of Metaphorical Self-Flagellation I feel this image can best help to defend this blog post. Alejandro says that”The voice that speaks these lines is one that seeks to find a sort of moral absolution for being unable to truly translate what is not so easily said in […] Continue reading

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False Forgiveness

In Alejandro’s post, he argues that the character Milton in Milton a Poem begs God for forgiveness due to his “self-righteous” and indulgent nature. The plate above would compliment this post well as it depicts the relationship between Milton and God, as Milton seemingly reaches for him in grief and atonement. This plate could also […] Continue reading

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God is a Woman

Why does Milton need to “go down self annihilation and eternal death” ?(book 1, plate 15, line 22; page 162)   William Blake and Milton share views based upon spirituality and sexuality that explores realms of the self with God. However, in Blake’s  “Milton: Book 1, plate 2, lines 1-24; page 148) it discusses about […] Continue reading

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Is humanity all good or all evil ?

Urizen’s weeping at the end of William Blake’s section “Asia” in The Song of Los primarily represents the remorse for all his injustices against humanity. However, I disagree that Urizen’s weeping demonstrates the remorse for all his injustices, rather it shows his distraught over the failure of his reason/logic. Also, his distraught over the failure […] Continue reading

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Was Manson Eliminating Noah?

One of the proverbs that particularly stuck out to me was, “The rat, the mouse, the fox, the rabbet watch the roots; the lion, the tyger, the horse, the elephant watch the fruits” (72). The reason for this is because of the relations to the themes of “good” and “evil” being demonstrated. When you think […] Continue reading

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Modesty and Godliness: Did God REALLY Say That?

“The nakedness of woman is the work of God” This is interesting as this has an element of truth to it that makes sense. Strictly speaking, God did create woman and she was made nude, as was Adam. So from the obvious point this is 100 percent true. What I find interesting is that Christians […] Continue reading

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Contrary: Lack Thereof

The lack of the contrary between “The Chimney-Sweeper” and “The Little Black Boy” stresses Blakes questions on how we know that God exists and whether a  “good” God who allows children of poorer circumstances to suffer is truly “good”. These non-contrarian poems assist in relaying the innocent perspective and tone of children for the circumstances […] Continue reading

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How We Cherish Suffering

William Blake’s, The Divine Image gives personification to Mercy, Pity, Peace, and Love. Inscribing the terms a correlation to one another amongst God and man, it provides a distinctive meaning of why God is powerful for the human mind to comprehend. With the suffering, man is thankful for such a sensation to God because they […] Continue reading

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Father, are you there?

There once was a little boy pondering over many questions; was his skin black because of the darkness in his heart but his soul is white due to purity? His other alternative being is his soul is white because he is only truly appreciated by you, Father, in the afterlife and degraded in reality? The […] Continue reading

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Art and Religion: Inspiration IS God

Christopher Ingle This piece is not easy to interpret. On one hand we have Blake who believes strongly in God, so much so that he believes that God is art, or at least that is how I interpreted it. Blake writes about his disdain of Reynold’s work. Reynold tells us that art is not based […] Continue reading

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