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That thing they Call Childhood

Joy is born without knowing the sorrows of the world his soul is pure and untainted worry free and care free, he smiles Joy is born His mother rocks his cradle back and forth forth and back she hums a sweet melody all the while weeping in fear fear of the time that is to […] Continue reading

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A Fatherless Boy

He abandoned me at my worst. He left me at my best. He was nowhere to be found when I needed him the most. Why? How? Was there any emotion, any pain that traveled through his veins when he walked away? Did he stop at the door, a feeling of regret possibly crossing his mind? […] Continue reading

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God the Engineer of Life?

In Lawrence M. Krauss’s piece in the New Yorker, No, Astrobiology Has Not Made the Case for God, he responds to an article entitled Science Increasingly Makes the Case for God published in the Wall Street Journal by Eric Metaxas. In Metaxas’ piece, he writes about how miraculous and statistically infinitesimal the likelihood that life […] Continue reading Continue reading

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On Physics Tests and Roses

I was miffed. “The names of the scientists are going to be on the test?” My honors physics teacher, who I regarded as a generally reasonable man, had lost touch with reality and was resorting to the lowest of low testing methods: rote memorization without purpose. Memorizing formulas was one thing–those were tools, mental shortcuts […] Continue reading

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The Pale Blue Dot: Religion and Science

While I intend on continuing this blog in the future, for my last blog post in Astronomy 201, I will be taking a more serious approach. I will touch briefly on the relationship between religion and science by examining the image shown below of the Earth as a tiny speck of light in the distance, […] Continue reading Continue reading

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Genetic Modification as Creation?

One of the aspects of Oryx and Crake that has stuck out to me thus far in reading it is how Snowman deifies the titular characters.  He paints Oryx and Crake as the creators of the people that live around him in his post-apocalyptic world and says that he speaks to them, that he is their […] Continue reading

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God and ethics in Dr. Moreau

As scientists push the boundaries of genetics, society faces ever more ethical questions.  Well before any of our modern ideas about genetics came about, however, there was H.G. Wells, who gave us a look at tampering with nature in his The Island of Dr. Moreau. The titular doctor, though not a geneticist, creates chimeras through extensive […] Continue reading

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When Urizen is constantly referred to as God

This might be a pretty late post on this topic. I remembered that in class we talked about Blake’s reception and I raised the example that even English teacher in a good high school is reading the famous picture of Urizen in The Ancient of Days as God the Almighty. And Urizen’s act of systemizing and […] Continue reading

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