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Tell me a story

The Memory Palace’s blog Greenway Girls in centered around the life of Rose Greenway and her mother also Rose Greenway. Interestingly, the main character in the story was the daughter, who actually didn’t have much to do with ciphers bar her 8-month stint in prison with her mother. The way the story was told leaves […] Continue reading

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CAR: The Taliban, Jewels, and Violence

Taliban Openly Condemns CAR Violence In a uncommon occurrence, the Taliban issued a statement openly condemning events outside the Middle East.  They denounced the “merciless killings” of Muslims at the hands of “bloodthirsty militias” in the Central African Republic, saying that the world is not doing enough to combat it.  This clearly evinces the seriousness… Continue reading

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Starting Lines

These lines don’t necessarily telegraph that the ensuing story will be hard sci-fi but I did have a sci-fi scenario/story to follow from each. I thought it was more fun that way and hopefully no one will be puzzled by that. Here they are: 1. Over the years Wilbur had collected first editions of all […] Continue reading

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What is it all worth?

The Beale Ciphers have remained unsolved for over a hundred years, yet thousands of people have tried to interpret its hidden meaning.  The code has never been cracked due to a very complex number cipher as well as the possibility … Continue reading Continue reading

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