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Health care in the future?

Health care is a human right. We all have the right to the highest quality of physical and mental health care, which includes access to medical services, healthy working conditions, sanitation, and a clean environment. Since health care is so essential to human life, why have we rarely read about creative medical advancements in science […] Continue reading

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The Future of Disease

Just recently, antibiotic-resistance genes were found in superbugs that inhabited soil samples. The catch: the superbugs were picked up in a remote region of the High Arctic, far removed from the nearest human inhabitants. Researchers on the ground stated that the only way those genes could have migrated so far, some even originating in India, […] Continue reading

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What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been

Daniel Lizaola Lopez Humberto Garcia English 190: Senior Thesis May 2, 2018 I wasn’t always an English major. I was lost in the vortex of societal norms and allowed the cosmology of my origin be originated by my environment. In high school, I was influenced by Ernesto “Che” Guevara and his passions. For the duration […] Continue reading

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A Fatherless Boy

He abandoned me at my worst. He left me at my best. He was nowhere to be found when I needed him the most. Why? How? Was there any emotion, any pain that traveled through his veins when he walked away? Did he stop at the door, a feeling of regret possibly crossing his mind? […] Continue reading

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Senegal: Opening Education Opportunities and Closing Borders

Cotton Farmers and the BCI Literacy is a necessity for over 65,000 farmers in Senegal and due to schools set up by cotton companies, the cotton industry is considered one of the most organized industries because of its’ high literacy. Last year, the ‘Better Cotton Initiative’ (BCI) was launched for the revival of the cotton… Continue reading

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