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Reinventing The Science Babe

Feminism. This controversial word, which essentially means that men and women should have equal rights, has so many connotations, and unfortunately most of them are negative. I’m a proud feminist, and even in 2015, it’s disconcerting for me to see so many stereotypical and often farcical portrayals of women. I love J.J. Abrams and his rendition […] Continue reading

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Room 0023

Room 0023 read the white numbers etched into the grey door in front of me. I looked down at the note that The Professor had written me, Today’s Assignment: Room 0023. Knock first, Helen likes to answer the door. I raised my hand and tapped on the door. Helen answered. She stood in front of […] Continue reading

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Alternative Ending to Helen O’Loy by Lester del Rey

The trees and fields of the fruit ranch came into view as I drove along in the rental car. I had taken a rocket that morning after the strange text communication I received from Dave the day before. Help. Held prisoner by Helen. Imp. Bring EMP device – Dave I didn’t understand what Dave meant […] Continue reading

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Self and Cyborg

Sometimes, I love to daydream about what it means to be well…me. Each person is unique not only in terms of appearance, but in personality and thought patterns. We each embody a set of memories that were produced from our own experiences, and we carry these memories throughout our lives.  I enjoy, however, mulling over […] Continue reading

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