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10 Feet Down

I do not believe that Urizen’s weeping at the end of Blake’s Asia section in The Song of Los (Plate 7, line 42; p. 112) symbolizes remorse for all his injustices against humanity. He is the embodiment of Satan where all he wants to achieve is the corruption of humanity and to bring them all to […] Continue reading

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Five Senses Are Not Enough

Amidst the extensive sea of William Blake mythology and lore is Urizen, a key character that represents the logical half of Blake’s dual fundamentals that consist of reason and imagination. While he spreads new knowledge is some areas of the world, he is also notorious for “spreading despair” which alludes to his eventual “downfall into […] Continue reading

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Visual Representation of Philosophy

The passage “The Voice of the Devil” from William Blake’s The Marriage of Heaven and Hell,engages Moravian images, themes and ideas. According to Marsha Keith Schuchard in “Young William Blake and the Moravian Tradition of Visual Art, the theme that the word should “choose Fancy rather than Philosophy” because it is separate reason in philosophy […] Continue reading

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Was Manson Eliminating Noah?

One of the proverbs that particularly stuck out to me was, “The rat, the mouse, the fox, the rabbet watch the roots; the lion, the tyger, the horse, the elephant watch the fruits” (72). The reason for this is because of the relations to the themes of “good” and “evil” being demonstrated. When you think […] Continue reading

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Opposing given Polarities

William Blake’s, “Proverbs of Hell,” seem strings of religious and radical ideas meshed together in a confusing manner. However, the dissection between the religious and the radical, their oppositions and similarities, as well as their “good,” and “evil,” are interconnected within both spheres. In essence, it seems as if Blake’s suggestion between The Marriage of […] Continue reading

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Where He Belongs

By now, I think we have figured out that Blake enjoys his “Genius” and that to retain his “Genius,” he must reside with Los in Hell. It seems that when Milton rose and claimed he was going to “Eternal Death.” He essentially means that he is abandoning the heavens. “Then Milton rose up from the […] Continue reading

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