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The Epidemic Scenario

Most “First Contact” scenarios seem to leave out a pretty crucial aspect of encountering aliens from a completely different world. Everybody is always worrying about whether they have better weapons than us, or whether they think like us, but these concerns skip over some much bigger problems that could be at hand in this situation. […] Continue reading

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The Top of the Pyramid

The introduction to “Beggars in Spain” could not have been more accurate when it described Nancy Kress as an “heir to the tradition of H.G. Wells.” Indeed, her style echoes that of The Time Machine (not mentioned in the introduction, oddly enough) on multiple levels. Like Wells, Kress conveys her views on class and economic […] Continue reading

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My Time Travel Paradox

I’m exactly the kind of person that authorities shouldn’t allow anywhere near a time machine. For starters, I’m comically clumsy – I literally can’t be trusted not to “wander off the path” and ruin the present, Sound of Thunder  style. I would be that girl who accidentally convinces Monet to abandon painting or Jefferson his […] Continue reading

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