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A World Without Einstein

In the 1997 film, Gattaca, the directors are trying to communicate the dangers of genetic engineering and human-influenced evolution. And while the film is not subtle with its reproach of the implied eugenics movement that is inherent in genetic screening, it really hits its point home with its deleted pre-credits scene. At 8:52 of the […] Continue reading

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A Forced Hand

“There is no fixed human characteristics, except for a general capability to choose what we want to be, to modify ourselves in accordance to fit our desires.” –Francis Fukuyama , Our Posthuman Future For being the complex creatures we are, it’s almost unsettling to be described in this way. Despite having a concrete set of […] Continue reading

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The Business of Competition

While Craig Venter could be considered a morally repugnant man for some of his actions (using his own DNA in Celera’s research into the human genome, using the government’s decoded DNA in his project, etc), I like to think that he was also a catalytic force in the areas of genetic research. He has a […] Continue reading

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Genetic Mapping – Do You Want to Know?

The PBS Nova special “Cracking the Code” brought up a number of interesting possibilities about the future of DNA research. Most interesting to me was the special’s take on testing for specific genetic diseases and predispositions. “Sometimes, there may be a test, but it might take twenty years, or fifty years. Fifty years to find […] Continue reading

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