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Dreams Like Clouds a Boy Without a Name

Tales of happy, even laughing children he had heard over and over again. The little boy yeared to be like a character of the tales he had heard. Who was picked off the lot and who was left in the herd? It was a fight and often times he would scrub his face clean to […] Continue reading

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Tale of  The Lonely Woman (Power of Love)

There once was a girl who was born to a lonely mother, who cared for her very much. The woman cared for her daughter very much, as she was left alone to raise the child by herself. Then one day, when the child had grown into a young girl, her mother disappeared. She looked high […] Continue reading

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Discovering the Poetic Genius Within

For the post next Wednesday (9/11), students will choose 3-4 plate designs from The Songs of Innocence (from any of the editions accessible in the Blake Archive, listed under “Friends & Links” below) to create your own story about this compilation of “songs.”  You will arrange these plates in any order that helps illustrate your […] Continue reading

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