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Grasping Everything

Within the 15th plate of Milton, Blake raises the reader’s social conscience and awareness of beauty. And questions about how the world is transcendent for mere just visionary experience. Milton showcases the “Last Judgment” as something left for the reader to decipher for themselves. It’s intruding to read the poem like the world of nature. […] Continue reading

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Podcasting — The Future of News Media

With the increasingly shortening attention span of the average person, the printed newspaper has become the least popular medium for news. News is now transmitted through a variety of different formats — such as television, internet, and video — and you would be hard pressed to find anyone that still reads the morning paper. Hell, I cannot … Continue reading “Podcasting — The Future of News Media” Continue reading

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New Adventures in Old VR (And Vice Versa)

The Adventure Science Center, located about an eight-minute drive from campus near Fort Negley, is an incredibly fun place to explore, learn, and, in my case, work for. I was an exhibit attendant and front desk operator for ASC for quite some time, and in my tenure, I was able to witness first-hand the effects … Continue reading “New Adventures in Old VR (And Vice Versa)” Continue reading

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Walking Simulators and the Importance of Narrative

In class on Thursday, one of the complaints that people had towards That Dragon, Cancer was that it wasn’t really a “game;” instead, it was more of an interactive narrative.  They went on to say that, since they were expecting a more gameplay-driven experience, the extreme focus on story and lack of choices that That Dragon, … Continue reading “Walking Simulators and the Importance of Narrative” Continue reading

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Is borrowing content necessary for artistic innovation?

In class this past Thursday, we had a very interesting discussion on copyright laws and how they frequently limit creativity rather than encourage it. In our reading of T.L. Taylor’s Whose Game Is This Anyway? we looked at how the community of people who participate in a video game often play just as big of a role […] Continue reading

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Thinking Outside the Box (of Imitation and Nature)

One of the things I have loved the most about Blake in my first few days of encountering his work is the constant not only opportunity, but obligation he offers his readers for interpretation. Moreover, it is not enough for Blake to simply force you to consider and offer possible interpretations of his works; he […] Continue reading

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