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Reflective Essay: How Literature Changed My Life in UC Merced

Before applying to UC Merced, or any university at all, I was always hesitant about what I wanted to do with my future. Being an only child alongside my mother in the small crowded area of Koreatown with Los Angeles was a struggle. The bills pile up while our way of living was never improving. […] Continue reading

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Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography on Guillermo del Toro My paper will analyze the works and creations established by Mexican director, screenwriter, and author Guillermo del Toro. His projects exemplified in exploring different realms of creativity in order to portray numerous amount of worlds similar to ours. His usage of special effects as a makeup artist in his […] Continue reading

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Grasping Everything

Within the 15th plate of Milton, Blake raises the reader’s social conscience and awareness of beauty. And questions about how the world is transcendent for mere just visionary experience. Milton showcases the “Last Judgment” as something left for the reader to decipher for themselves. It’s intruding to read the poem like the world of nature. […] Continue reading

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Lost in the Moment

In Blake’s Europe A Prophecy, he uses a character, Enitharmon, to represent womanhood; she is a character inspired by Blake’s wife. In A Prophecy, Blake describes Enitharmon falling into an eighteen-hundred-year-old slumber which he calls a “female dream” (ll. 5, 101). In the Blake Dictionary, it is stated that Enitharmon’s idea of a Woman’s world […] Continue reading

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Blake’s Retribution Towards Moravians

Through his work within The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, William Blake cryptically introduces his work through a theological manifesto. The passage is encoded to subliminally represent how Blake’s distaste for Moravian beliefs is due to his troubled understanding of how Heaven and Hell are set to be different from one another. Blake discovers a fluent […] Continue reading

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Art and Religion: Inspiration IS God

Christopher Ingle This piece is not easy to interpret. On one hand we have Blake who believes strongly in God, so much so that he believes that God is art, or at least that is how I interpreted it. Blake writes about his disdain of Reynold’s work. Reynold tells us that art is not based […] Continue reading

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