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Ololon’s Sexual Annihilation Through Milton

Comparing Blake’s Milton’s self-annihilation in Book one to Ololon’s self-annihilation in Book Two, Milton’s process refers to the fragility of humanity and the power within the reconciliation of female perceptions; whereas Ololon’s self-annihilation refers to the loss of her virginity–loss of institutionalized female oppression. In Book two, Ololon is a virgin seeking to figure out […] Continue reading

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Chained by the Giant

Blake’s disagreements with the system of the Royal Academy was greatly influenced by his mother, who was before influenced by Zinzendorf, bishop of the Moravian Church. Zinzendorf strongly advocated a healthy mother-child relationship and Blake later incorporates themes of a mother-child relationship in many of his works. Zinzendorf’s childhood of being sent away to boarding […] Continue reading

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