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The Journey: An insight as an English major

  Priscilla Ortega English 190 Professor Garcia 10 December 2019 The Journey: An insight as an English major As a young freshmen at the University of California, Merced, I was unaware of what exactly is to be an English major and the change it takes upon your life. I grew up in South Central, Los […] Continue reading

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Journey of Self Discovery

Alexis Blanco ENG 190 Garcia May 1, 2018 Reflective Essay The concept of literature being full of depth and intrinsic themes was something that was presented to me in high school, but I took for granted. I did not think I would ever need to visit back passages and literary themes because in my mind, […] Continue reading

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My Journey

It all began with my seventh grade English teacher, Ms. Leon. Your typical Los Angeles bipolar weather: a mixture of cold wind with hot sun rays beaming right at your skin. Class resumed right after nutrition. I recall her standing at the center of the room, everyone’s eyes glaring at her presence. She began pacing […] Continue reading

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Sunk Cost versus Characterization

There are a lot of good reasons to like a character in a narrative, whether it is a novel, movie or even video game. They can be written well with witty dialogue, have upstanding morals, or even can just be attractive. But there are those characters, who, like in Journey, are likable despite not saying anything … Continue reading “Sunk Cost versus Characterization” Continue reading

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Rushing Through The Journey

We embark on journeys of different lengths and purposes all the time, but we rarely stop to appreciate them. The journey is always seen as an obstacle to our goal, something we must go through to get what we want. Even when we get to the end we are not satisfied because there is always … Continue reading “Rushing Through The Journey” Continue reading

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Gimme hold of that narrative!

Narrative ambiguity is a central feature in Journey; a pro for those of us who enjoyed playing/watching the game, irritating and inconclusive for those who did not. But many of us felt connected to the character(s), sensationally aware of the setting, and personally invoked in the story–whatever we manipulated it to be. Not surprisingly, Journey’s […] Continue reading

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The Romance Spiral

The Romance Circle Spiral The romance circle is common in all great epic stories. It starts out in childhood, then there is the threshold where the voyager leaves home for the first time, then the initiation, then the dedication to the quest, then the underworld, then the harrowing of Hell, then temptation, and lastly recognition. However, I […] Continue reading

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