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Where are all the Black People?

Within games and gaming communities alike, there is an overwhelming lack of diversity: Fantasy games like Dragon Age or Final Fantasy have a surprising lack of black and brown people aside from the few used as plot points. The addition of female soldiers in Call of Duty: WW2 had male fans in an uproar about historical accuracy—what, were women not … Continue reading “Where are all the Black People?” Continue reading

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An Unlikely Pair

Over the break, we were asked to play Gone Home.  Unfortunately, due to extenuating circumstances, we were unable to talk about it much in class, which is a shame, since this is one of my favorite games that we have played for the class.  One of the things that made me enjoy the game was its … Continue reading “An Unlikely Pair” Continue reading

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Anti-Gender Violence, Anti-Mini Skirts, Anti-Homosexuality

Anti Gender Violence Facility The International Conference on the Great Lakes Region is launching a regional training facility for the management of sexual and gender-based violence in Uganda. The facility will cost around $5 million in the pilot phase and will train people who handle cases of sexual violence in the Great Lakes region. Currently… Continue reading

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