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Self-Discovery through Literature

A memorable moment that has impacted the course of my life is when I attended my first assembly in elementary school as a transfer student. I watched as the teachers announced the student with the most Star Reader points, and a girl stands up to accept her five hundred point tag. The Star Reader brag […] Continue reading

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The Journey: An insight as an English major

  Priscilla Ortega English 190 Professor Garcia 10 December 2019 The Journey: An insight as an English major As a young freshmen at the University of California, Merced, I was unaware of what exactly is to be an English major and the change it takes upon your life. I grew up in South Central, Los […] Continue reading

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Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography on Guillermo del Toro My paper will analyze the works and creations established by Mexican director, screenwriter, and author Guillermo del Toro. His projects exemplified in exploring different realms of creativity in order to portray numerous amount of worlds similar to ours. His usage of special effects as a makeup artist in his […] Continue reading

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Poetic Genius vs. Evil Genius

Why does Milton need to “go down self annihilation and eternal death” ?(book 1, plate 15, line 22; page 162)   William Blake and Milton were alike in that both creatives were open to the exploration of ideas greatly repressed during the era of their time, including those in which were embedded in religion and […] Continue reading

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Grasping Everything

Within the 15th plate of Milton, Blake raises the reader’s social conscience and awareness of beauty. And questions about how the world is transcendent for mere just visionary experience. Milton showcases the “Last Judgment” as something left for the reader to decipher for themselves. It’s intruding to read the poem like the world of nature. […] Continue reading

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Blake’s End as a Mastermind, or the Beginning?

Commending William Blake for what he’s showcased throughout his work is an understatement. Not only does he provide lucrative characters to symbolize significant aspects of his world view, but he also implements them to compare and contrast with your perception of what’s right or wrong. Throughout The Song of Los within the Asia section, Blake’s character Urizen is what […] Continue reading

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Blake’s Retribution Towards Moravians

Through his work within The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, William Blake cryptically introduces his work through a theological manifesto. The passage is encoded to subliminally represent how Blake’s distaste for Moravian beliefs is due to his troubled understanding of how Heaven and Hell are set to be different from one another. Blake discovers a fluent […] Continue reading

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Stones Cut, Freedom Frees

“Prisons are built with stones of Law, Brothels with bricks of Religion.” With this proverb, comes Blake’s bold aim at altering how humans view certain institution/ systems in our society. Here, Blake uses two separate contrastments: prisons with law, and brothels with religion. While at first, this proverb might grow as a striking proverb, due […] Continue reading

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To Allow One’s Sleep, Is to Allow One’s Dream

When reading “Little Girl Lost,” by William Blake, the first immediate difference that I noticed was the difference in detail, length of the poem, and specificity of imagery. “The Little Girl Lost” begins with two stanzas that appear to be describing a vision- a moment of clarity where one is able to reflect and shift […] Continue reading

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Heavenly Father, Why You So Far Away?

  Did you leave me or did I grow a part from you?  Were you truly always beside me or have I been to naive in believing so?  Did I abandon you or did I grow smart in realizing you are not there?  “Heavenly Father, why you so far away.” Blake’s work echoes both the […] Continue reading

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