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Family Secrets

Once lived a boy, with his mother’s love only known. Pa’ was around, but his love never shown. Ma’ would take him out to play, loved to observe the herd. The boy would point to Pa’ and say “Pa’”, Ma’ would speak no word. The boy grew and he knew Pa’ would make for him […] Continue reading

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How We Cherish Suffering

William Blake’s, The Divine Image gives personification to Mercy, Pity, Peace, and Love. Inscribing the terms a correlation to one another amongst God and man, it provides a distinctive meaning of why God is powerful for the human mind to comprehend. With the suffering, man is thankful for such a sensation to God because they […] Continue reading

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Tale of  The Lonely Woman (Power of Love)

There once was a girl who was born to a lonely mother, who cared for her very much. The woman cared for her daughter very much, as she was left alone to raise the child by herself. Then one day, when the child had grown into a young girl, her mother disappeared. She looked high […] Continue reading

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White Savior Complex

In John Drydens, The Indian Emperor topics such as love and power are questioned. Although both main characters Cydaria and Cortez are seemingly in “love” their feelings for each other are more than just romantic they actually have a deeper meaning that mirrors the relationship between the Aztecs and the imperialists. When the Spanish took […] Continue reading

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The New Equations

Because everyone deserves a happy ending. (Continued from The Old Equations, by Jake Kerr) March 1, 2194—LC-E transmission Kate, your final message inspired me, but it is so hard to sit here and just wait. And wait. And wait. I’ve kept the QE link from Earth open, even though nothing ever comes through. Still, I […] Continue reading

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Trying to talk to you–communication in a Super Sad True Love Story

I’ll start by saying: all art is in one way or another about communication. When honestly done, this makes art one of the most special things we as human beings achieve. No other species, as far as I can tell, acts on their imagination as much as us. And literature, writing, whether it be poetry […] Continue reading

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The Clod & the Pebble

“The Clod & the Pebble” lacks an obvious contrary in the Songs of Innocence, itself containing its own internal dissonance and not requiring a counterpoint. The tension is that between the malleable and the rigid, self-abnegation and assertion of the will, acquiescence and defiance.  The clod is flexible and yielding and thereby subsumed into a greater […] Continue reading

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Blame the Family …..

Whose to blame when someone does not “succeed” in life? Do we blame the White man? Do we point the finger at the school system or the judicial/criminal court system? While many institutions serve as obstacles for many disenfranchised minorities, what about putting some of the blame on the family! We have a whole generation […] Continue reading

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