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Senegal: Controversial Industries and Casamance

Sex Tourism Increasingly Unsexy The media and organizations, such as EPCAT and SAHARA, working in the field of child protection report growth of sex tourism involving minors in Senegal. Although Senegal ratified the 2003 Optional Protocol to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child on the sale of children, child prostitution, and pornography… Continue reading

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Senegal: Islaminization Local Politics

Exploitation in the Name of Education Senegal has made inadequate progress in protecting thousands of young boys in Quranic boarding schools from exploitation, forced begging, and often extreme physical abuse at the hands of their teachers according to the Human Rights Watch. The 43-page report examines Senegal’s mixed record in addressing the problem in the… Continue reading

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China and Senegal: Friends or Competition?

A Fishy Future It may be the last straw for local fish-drying and curing businesses. The trade, traditionally plied by women, is essential to preserve the seafood, which is sold on to consumers inland. But today they will not be able to buy a single crate of fish. The situation has deteriorated significantly since Chinese,… Continue reading

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Senegal: Helping the Common Senegalese

Renting a New Future A new law mandating across-the-board rent reductions in Senegal is a double blessing for its real estate market and possible buyers. Two years after successfully running on a campaign to lower living costs, President Macky Sall has received wide praise for the law from residents frustrated with the city’s pricey… Continue reading

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Senegal: Problems With No Quick Solutions

Homophobic Violence in Rufisque Police in Senegal have arrested four young men accused of hunting down and injuring five gay men with stones and batons, in the city Rufisque, just outside of Senegal’s capital.The suspects were arrested for destruction of property and causing injury. Anti-gay sentiment runs deep in Senegal, where the penal code calls… Continue reading

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