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Meaning to Manson

Considering the many omitted lines from “Proverbs of Hell” in Manson’s reading, it suggests Manson’s interpretation of the poem centers in on personal experience and differences. During reading “Proverbs of Hell”, a few lines struck me. A few of those lines were, “A fool sees not the same tree that a wise man sees./ He whose […] Continue reading

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William Blake Conversion Therapy

The sarcastic tone and presentation, beginning with Marilyn Manson’s description of being a generous lover, in his reading of William Blake’s Marriage of Heaven and Hell are complementary and yet sardonic pieces. Editorial footnotes in Blake’s Poetry and Designs indicate that the plate title images are depicting the conversion of an angel, into the so-called devil. Repetitive instances of the […] Continue reading

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Infernal Wisdom and Marilyn Manson

For next Wednesday (9/25), students will write a post that explicates ONE of the “Proverbs of Hell.”  Please take the time to unpack the meanings of the images, symbols, themes, and paradoxes contained in these explosive proverbs or aphorisms.  What do the infernal wisdom of these proverbs imply about the genre of “The Marriage of […] Continue reading

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