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The Future of Disease

Just recently, antibiotic-resistance genes were found in superbugs that inhabited soil samples. The catch: the superbugs were picked up in a remote region of the High Arctic, far removed from the nearest human inhabitants. Researchers on the ground stated that the only way those genes could have migrated so far, some even originating in India, […] Continue reading

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What Do We Sacrifice For “Perfection”?

It looked like any other hospital waiting room. Well, any other hospital waiting room in the year 2050. I’ve been told that you weren’t kept behind bars like a common criminal. I’ve been told the doors didn’t always have locks on the outside. Hell, I’ve even been told the rooms had chairs to sit in. […] Continue reading

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Biocultures in Academic Medicine: A Not-So-Accidental Tourist

For the past two months, I’ve taken a return to the roots I know so well:  a humanities-based-interloper, standing on the outskirts of medicine and surgery as a quietly enthusiastic groupie.  Working with the Chair of the Surgery department at … Continue reading

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Medicine and Information Control (belated)

In class, we were forewarned about the violence in the Millennium series.  I clicked the “play” button on Netflix knowing full well that what I was about to watch would be violent to the point of being uncomfortable.  While this … Continue reading Continue reading

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Retinal transplants and welcomes

To all professors, students, and online passers-by: You are now reading the first in a semester-long series of blog posts chronicling my descent into the academic lair that is science fiction. Sitting at the interface between two areas of human knowledge seemingly distant and incapable of crosstalk as science and literature, science fiction exhibits a […] Continue reading

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