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The Poison in Beauty

  A woman gazes up her Pretty Rose Tree, admiring the perfection that she has created. Nothing nor no one can be able to stray her attention from her Pretty Rose Tree. “…I praised the sweet flower den”, she claims. The man would try to captivate her admiration, only to fall in desperation. Within the […] Continue reading

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The need for feminists

I was so frustrated by watching Miss Representation. Because I have been in this class all semester, I was aware of some of the more jarring facts before watching this film, but the overall effect was still unsettling.  Before taking … Continue reading Continue reading

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Gender Spectrum

I thought one of the most thought-provoking and intriguing conversations we had in class today was about the differences between male and female and man and woman.  Before this conversation, I had never thought about the distinction between the two, … Continue reading Continue reading

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