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William Blake and An Alternative Genius

William Blake’s A Memorable Fancy has elements that speak to Moravian themes and ideas. Blake writes about a “Genius” that doesn’t necessarily align with the intellectual, academic, or conventional genius that’s taught at big universities. Blake’s is a different kind of genius, one Marsha Keith Schuchard writes about in her article titled “Young William Blake […] Continue reading

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Chained by the Giant

Blake’s disagreements with the system of the Royal Academy was greatly influenced by his mother, who was before influenced by Zinzendorf, bishop of the Moravian Church. Zinzendorf strongly advocated a healthy mother-child relationship and Blake later incorporates themes of a mother-child relationship in many of his works. Zinzendorf’s childhood of being sent away to boarding […] Continue reading

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Hitchcock Blake

Reading Blake’s Songs of Innocence in parallax with the horror movie cliches founded in the works of film director, Alfred Hitchcock allows for a humorous yet insightful meditation of modern day applications in popular media for aiding and addressing mental illness and prison reform. Continue reading

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What Can You Learn From Video Games?: Answers For My Mom

I was first interested in this Digital Media course because I believed that it would help me further understand how digital media can be used to communicate ideas and stories to people of the 21st century. I thought when I signed up that we would be talking about social media techniques and how it has […] Continue reading

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