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Animation as a Medium

I’ve been a huge fan of anime and animation in general for my whole life so I thought I’d use this space to share a few of my thoughts about a medium that I love.  (By the way, all the clips I added here are pretty short.) At this point, becoming enchanted by Disney’s animated … Continue reading “Animation as a Medium” Continue reading

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If We Could Go Back In Time…

Text by A.A. BENJAMIN, Game Demo by JO KIM, Characters by SPARLING Our fictional Once Upon A Time Machine video game proposal (<–see our powerpoint presentation here) had one obvious blunder. We had a cool game demo but treated our presentation as separate from the demo. As we talk about hyper-meditation in this English New Media course, […] Continue reading

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The need for feminists

I was so frustrated by watching Miss Representation. Because I have been in this class all semester, I was aware of some of the more jarring facts before watching this film, but the overall effect was still unsettling.  Before taking … Continue reading Continue reading

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Final Project: Evolution of Gender in Disney Movies

As a little girl, I was just about as girly as anyone could possibly be, and that isn’t an exaggeration.  My room was completely pink, I had a matching bow for every outfit, and I wore only dresses and Mary- … Continue reading Continue reading

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