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Science Fiction: Disrupting the Art World?

Some previous posts on the blog have discussed how culture – art and fashion – are represented in science fiction. But is science fiction ever represented in art? I have two words for you: Meow Wolf. Meow Wolf is an immersive, interactive art experience based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The inaugural exhibition, The House of […] Continue reading

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Learning my (sci-fi) ABCs

Can you believe it? The semester and the year are nearly over, and while I have plenty to look forward to (the holidays, meeting my dog again, catching up on hundreds of hours of sleep), there is a lot to look forward to in the world of science fiction… Continue reading

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It Must Be Done.

It must be done. I nervously glanced down at my watch, calibrated to detect the precise instant in time I had entered as well as to keep track of the relative time that had passed since I had begun my travels. It was 6:43 pm, September 18, 2139. Ten minutes until show time. I discovered […] Continue reading

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A Letter From a Future Self

Dear PJ, Hello from the future!  I’m not sure what kind of paradoxes sending you this letter will lead to.  Surely it couldn’t have warped the space-time continuum too much or anything like that because apparently I still survived to write this letter to you.  Or maybe another Universe has been created and you are […] Continue reading

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Dear colonial Kevin who hates tomatoes

Kevin, It’s Kevin.  No, not the redhead Kevin that lives next door, but you, ten years down the road. You want proof?  Well oddly enough I remember where you were this week in 2002.  You are currently in Glens Falls, New York visiting Mom’s family.  But be careful, because you fall out of a bunk […] Continue reading

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I’m Relatively Uplifted

Blog 3: I’ll be honest. Before this reading assignment, my view of wormholes and time machines was probably similar to that of the majority of people. It made for decent science fiction, and not much else. Upon my reading of Kip Thorne’s discussion of “Sagan questions” and “exotic matter” I will admit to becoming slightly […] Continue reading

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Indecision… or maybe not?

Give me a time machine, and I wouldn’t know what to do with it. For one, the mind-boggling — and calamitous — potential repercussions of time travel such as those raised by Lewis Padgett in “Mimsy Were the Borogoves,” Ray Bradbury in “A Sound of Thunder,” and William Tenn in “The Brooklyn Project” would give […] Continue reading

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Cause and Effect

I personally find the possibility of time travel, at least to the past, to be very unrealistic. As an aside, I do believe ‘time travel’, if it should be called that, is possible due to the principles of relativity. Just get in a spaceship (timeship?) traveling at the speed of light, and time will stop […] Continue reading

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