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Clockwork Humanity

Music has a certain peculiar, universal appeal which sets it apart from other forms of media. Most of us consume things like TV, video or movies on a daily basis. Hopefully most of us read a book for fun now and again – but we all have that one friend who hasn’t voluntarily picked up […] Continue reading

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Music of the Future as Depicted in Science Fiction Films

Have you ever wondered how cultures might change in the future? Will people hold on to their customs, or will individual cultures dissipate into an ever-growing melting pot? Science fiction has somewhat answered that question through its filmic presentation of music in technologically advanced worlds. Science fiction has integrated technology into current musical and cultural […] Continue reading

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Podcasting — The Future of News Media

With the increasingly shortening attention span of the average person, the printed newspaper has become the least popular medium for news. News is now transmitted through a variety of different formats — such as television, internet, and video — and you would be hard pressed to find anyone that still reads the morning paper. Hell, I cannot … Continue reading “Podcasting — The Future of News Media” Continue reading

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From the perspective of the losing side

I listened to Cipher, or Greenhow girls The Memory Palace episode 111 and I thought it was so interesting how they started first from older Rose’s perspective and then transitioned to trying to empathize with little Rose after her mother passed. The chronological way the podcast was delivered made it very easy to follow and the music […] Continue reading

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Something Old to Something New: From Bach to AI

Composers can spend their entire lives studying the music of deceased composers before them in order to find inspiration for their own compositions. They can then spend years drafting manuscript after manuscript before they finish their work. However, the process doesn’t end there. After music is composed, the composer still has to find musicians willing to […] Continue reading

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The Voyager Golden Record

  The Voyager Golden Record was a disc of sounds and images included with both Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, both designed to study Jupiter and Saturn. Voyager 2 went on to study Uranus and Neptune, and is the only spacecraft to have visited them. However, these spacecraft are still gathering and emitting data even […]Continue reading Continue reading

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Dark Matter

In honor of the pre-release of a song I wrote called “Dark Matter,” I wanted to do a post on the subject that inspired my song. The above picture is of the merging galaxy cluster Abell 520. This galaxy cluster formed from the collision of many massive galaxy clusters. The image shows dark matter, hot […] Continue reading Continue reading

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Music, Langauge, and A Non-tradiational Collaboration

When I began the semester, I was interested in the way I saw music functioning in contemporary speculative fiction as a sort of language or communication tool that could transcend traditionally static boundaries, so I wanted to learn more about the re… Continue reading

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Music from the Genome: Cloud Atlas as Biological Symphony

Describing his composition of Cloud Atlas Sextet to his friend Sixsmith, Robert Frobisher writes, “Boundaries between noise and sound are conventions…. All boundaries are conventions…. One may transcend any convention” (Mitchell 460). It is thi… Continue reading

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Cloud Atlas Sextet

To me, one of the most interesting parts of Cloud Atlas was the structure of the novel in six parts, further split into halves and woven together. In class, we went over different ways to interpret this structure, but I think the idea of the sextet is the most beautiful. This is the structure that […] Continue reading

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