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Life on Titan?

  This past weekend I watched a new movie on Netflix called ‘The Titan’. The plot of the movie revolved around the idea that Earth was becoming uninhabitable and the solution that scientists came up with was to use experiments of forced evolution on former soldiers to create a type of ‘new human’ that could … Continue reading Life on Titan? Continue reading Continue reading

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Alias Grace and the Present Past

On Friday, November 3, Netflix premiered Alias Grace, a six-part miniseries adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s 1996 novel of the same title. The pairing of the acclaimed novelist and a major streaming service was bound to generate much interest, not least owing to Netflix’s rival Hulu’s hugely successful small-screen iteration of Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale earlier this […] Continue reading

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I’m A Little Lost: Is “Lost” Science Fiction or Fantasy?

The human psyche likes to put things into cleared defined boxes. In a complex world, setting up dichotomies or simple categories is a way in which to process all of life’s different intricacies by grouping them based on similar traits. We often find ourselves subconsciously making or accepting checklists to which we compare things. As […] Continue reading

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Europa Report

This past weekend, I watched a movie on Netflix called Europa Report. The movie was a detailed the gripping journey of six people on their trip Europa with the sole mission of confirming or denying the existence of life on Jupiter’s moon Europa. Not only was this a great, well done film, but it also touched on […] Continue reading Continue reading

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