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Troll Culture

Like most of you, I cannot get this election off of my mind. I have not been able to focus and write these blogs like I usually do without glancing at my social media every five minutes to see if some new, terrible act has been committed in his name. There is also a part … Continue reading “Troll Culture” Continue reading

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Two Eyes are Better Than One

Hi friends, I’ll be posting with the wrong group today, because I 100% forgot that the syllabus was incorrect about which group was up last week. Since our time exploring different types of virtual reality and with Ready, Player One on the schedule lately, I haven’t been able to get VR off my mind recently.  That … Continue reading “Two Eyes are Better Than One” Continue reading

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I Really Hope Mobile Gaming is Not the Future

I usually have a short attention span with games. Unless something really snags my attention early on, I leave it after a few hours of playing. Because of that, console or computer games can be a big commitment for me. I do my research, I watch game play videos, I read reviews, all to make … Continue reading “I Really Hope Mobile Gaming is Not the Future” Continue reading

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Interacting with Fiction

What makes a game a game? A game can be almost anything that has rules that define how to play and how to reach the end of the game. However, there are many games that feel more like an interactive story or experience than the traditional idea of a game. This is the case with … Continue reading “Interacting with Fiction” Continue reading

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Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings: Is it really an allegory?

To be honest, the first time I read The Lord of the Rings, I didn’t think that it could be allegorical of anything at all. It was a highly fictional world with Elves and Dwarves and Magical Rings that are just too imaginative to be part of the real world. To me, Lord of the … Continue reading “Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings: Is it really an allegory?” Continue reading

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Cavafy’s “Ithaca” and The Video Game Arms Race

In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I’ve been turning over in my mind ever since. “Don’t get caught up in this damn World of Warcraft arms race,” he told me. “You’ll only lose sight of why you enjoy the game in the first place.” He was referring … Continue reading “Cavafy’s “Ithaca” and The Video Game Arms Race” Continue reading

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Pokemon Go Ruined Pokemon for Me

As a young child, I was part of the generation that was swept up with the original Pokemon. I had dozens of cards which I kept pristine in a collectors book, and I had tiny little action figures of Ash and Misty which I played with while I cuddled with Togepi, a stuffed version of … Continue reading “Pokemon Go Ruined Pokemon for Me” Continue reading

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Pokemon GO! The Ethics of Augmented Reality

Pokemon Go is the new gaming phenomenon of the year. Revisiting the old fashioned Nintendo Pokemon games, Pokemon Go takes that same experience up a level by adding the features of Augmented Reality. Allowing people to walk around the planet with their phones and search for Pokemon, the game has added a new dimension to … Continue reading “Pokemon GO! The Ethics of Augmented Reality” Continue reading

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A solid break from stress and “Legion”

I think the moment I realized that I had gotten really into the game was when I stepped out of the Towers West Lounge and thought about walking backward to turn back time out of curiosity. That HUNT! puzzle killed me. I admit that I didn’t spend as much time playing the game as my … Continue reading “A solid break from stress and “Legion”” Continue reading

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Astronomy’s Importance on Earth

Hello everyone! Before taking this course, I only knew very basic knowledge of topics relating to astronomy. I didn’t think it was very important to know why we needed to know about the celestial beings outside of the Earth in which we live. However, now after learning about the myriad objects outside of Earth, I realize… Continue reading Continue reading

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