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Free Yourself, Don’t Wait to Be Freed

How are the engraved images of male-to-male oral sex (simulated or actual?) related to self-annihilation?  Examine the two images below in the context of the second book’s conclusion (pages 200-3) The simulated (or actual) act of oral sex (or masturbation) relates to self-annihilation in the sense that one is freeing themselves from slavery. What brought […] Continue reading

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Masturbation or Oral Sex?

    In both of the images above, the “two” men engaging in oral sex have very distinct and extremely similar features of one another. After reading the footnote I have come with two solutions that these men are Urizen and Los or it is one man pictured twice. I follow up with the second […] Continue reading

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Cumming To Terms With You

Giving head is a process. Beyond just the physical act, male-to-male oral sex transports us into a different realm. A realm beyond, what William Blake calls “mental fight.” Self-annihilation, the arrival at true, honest, uncensored self-reflection is the apocalypse. What we do once we arrive at Eternity determines our resurrection. People have been dying, awaiting […] Continue reading

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