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The Female Touch

Enitharmon, who it has been notioned to represent Marie Antoinette, is the embodiment of both the Womens’ force, while at the same time indicating that such a force is not a conducive one.  It is a rarity to have a woman in power, in any context, during this era; however, through Blake’s work, we see […] Continue reading

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Forging Satirical Currencies on Enitharmon’s Face

There’s people who like to talk about sex, others are having it, like “Terrible Orc […] beheld,” (Blake 106), pictured in William Blake’s Europe A Prophecy Plate 18 with a Romantic backdrop, “vineyards” in France, accompanied by neoclassical descriptions of war, “golden chariot raging” which carries double entendre, “furious terrors flew around” has sexually explicit […] Continue reading

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The Red Prophecy

William Blake’s Europe a Prophecy ends with an epic war in which Los and Orc prepare to fight: But terrible Orc, when he beheld the morning in the east Shot from the heights of Enitharmon; And in the vineyards of red France appear’d the light of his fury Orc is the embodiment of rebellion as opposed to […] Continue reading

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