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Perception of Pain

According to Moravian beliefs, the only way individuals can fully have a successful relationship with God is through their senses and the spiritual experiences they encounter with these senses. In Marsha Keith Schuchard’s article, Young William Blake and the Moravian Tradition of Visionary Art, she points out several Moravian images, themes, and element that actually […] Continue reading

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God and ethics in Dr. Moreau

As scientists push the boundaries of genetics, society faces ever more ethical questions.  Well before any of our modern ideas about genetics came about, however, there was H.G. Wells, who gave us a look at tampering with nature in his The Island of Dr. Moreau. The titular doctor, though not a geneticist, creates chimeras through extensive […] Continue reading

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The Purpose of Pain

Dr. Moreau argues that pain is needless for humans. He says plants and lower animals do not feel pain. Men feel pain but do not need to. We are more intelligent than simple-minded beasts and do not need pain to keep us out of harmful situations. Evolution will eventually phase out pain because it is […] Continue reading

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