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Songs for the Road

Hi, 7 year old Angie! Being 7 years old is the best! Do you like big kid school? The bus lady is nice and gives free popsickles.  Brozzor beats you up sometimes but is a great older brozzor and takes good care of his sister. You will hear him play pretty violin songs.  Mommy and […] Continue reading

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“A Genuine Start-Over Skin”: The Erotics of World-Creation

Killain C. Quigley draws parallels between the erotic and the contagious in his blog post, explaining how the characteristic “Human carrier” of disease and outbreak novels signifies an erotic undertone. And this is eroticism that is not only in a sexual sense (though there’s plenty of that in Oryx and Crake), but an uncanny and […] Continue reading

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