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The Carelessness of Repetition

While Enigma appeared unbreakable to the world, it was only a matter of time before a weakness would be discovered. This weakness occurred due to the laziness and tiny errors of the German workers. As a result, the Allied powers exploited this weakness and were able to win the war. The laziness that allowed for […] Continue reading

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Human intellect vs. Machine power

The deciphering of Enigma remains as one of the most significant cryptanalyst achievements of all time. One of the main reasons the Allies were successful in cracking the code was due to their ability to look beyond the microcosm of the daily messages they received and focus on tackling the code at the highest level. […] Continue reading

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Noticing Patterns

One reason that the code breakers were eventually successful over the German cryptographers was the identification of patterns in the Enigma codes. There were certain key discoveries that aided in the eventual crack of the codes. One of these discoveries … Continue reading Continue reading

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