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Consciousness and Personal Identity

A philosophical analysis of speculative fiction film Get Out Get Out is a speculative fiction film I’m sure many of you have seen. The premise: a community of wealthy white individuals that kidnap black people, and insert their brains—and consciousnesses—into the “physically advantageous” black people’s bodies. The consciousnesses of the black people go into the “sunken […] Continue reading

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Last Stop on Market Street

I cannot say enough good things about Matt de la Peña and Christian Robinson’s 2015 Last Stop on Market Street. I stumbled upon it quite by accident, tugging on its bright orange spine in the hopes that the book would be less dusty and worn than the others I’d found in the library…and I was not […] Continue reading

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No Need to Feel Small

The Powers of Ten video, originally made in 1977 by Charles and Ray Eames, is a stunning look into not only the unimaginable vastness of the universe, but also the depth of biological life itself. The video takes away the anxiety of being a very small human in a very large universe by presenting the […] Continue reading Continue reading

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So on the Topic of Space Though

I mean, it’s been said that perspective is everything right? The thing is, there’s some things that we can’t even wrap our perspective around. There’s really really small things, like the million little individual microbes/cells doing their own thing on the end of your left pinky. Then there’s things that are just… They’re just huge. … Continue reading So on the Topic of Space Though Continue reading Continue reading

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Can you hear the people sing?

Les Miserables is a fabulous movie, and from what I’ve heard, also a fabulous musical. The music is phenomenal, the story is powerful, and the emotion is almost overwhelming. After I first watched it, I stumbled out of the theater awe-struck by its beauty, certain that it would win every sort of Oscar imaginable. Andrew […] Continue reading

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Bound and the Heterosexual Female Viewer

It has classically been said that as the heterosexual male gaze dominates cinema. Not only are most protagonists created specifically so that the heterosexual male spectator may identify with them, but the purpose of women in film is often to … Continue reading Continue reading

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Latent humanism in space

Space seems lonely. Ask the Bachelor Sun. Ask Elton John or David Bowie, whose respective songs “Rocket Man” and “Space Oddity” each relate stories of lonely astronauts. “It’s cold as hell,” Elton tells us.  What’s more, there are not many people to make friends with out there, and even if you find them it’s hard […] Continue reading

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