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Pokemon GO(ing down)

This may or may not be another controversial comment on my part. Either way, they’re my opinions on why Pokemon GO has probably peaked and won’t see anywhere near their huge rates of play again. First, the game was very much a beneficiary of the bandwagon effect. It easily would not have been as popular if … Continue reading “Pokemon GO(ing down)” Continue reading

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Pokemon Go Ruined Pokemon for Me

As a young child, I was part of the generation that was swept up with the original Pokemon. I had dozens of cards which I kept pristine in a collectors book, and I had tiny little action figures of Ash and Misty which I played with while I cuddled with Togepi, a stuffed version of … Continue reading “Pokemon Go Ruined Pokemon for Me” Continue reading

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Pokémania: 1998-2016… and beyond?

With the release of Pokémon Red and Blue in the United States in 1998, “Pokémania” swept the nation. The video games, the anime, the board games, the Pokémon stuffed toys and action figures, the licensed Pokémon cups and bowls and macaroni and cheese – the craze lasted into the early 2000s as Pokémon movies saw … Continue reading “Pokémania: 1998-2016… and beyond?” Continue reading

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Augmented Reality: The Postmodern Literature?

  If you have found this blog, and you have no idea what this could be about, note that I’m in a course that discusses the ideas of the new media and its connection to literature. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be enrolled in the course to understand what I will be discussing. It seems … Continue reading “Augmented Reality: The Postmodern Literature?” Continue reading

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Ready or not…

To be honest, this isn’t my first choice (Harry Potter) or even my second (Pokemon), nor is it even something I would choice at all.  But it would be interesting, that’s for sure. I like zombies.  My friends and I, back home, knew exactly what we would do in case of a zombie apocalypse.  Ian […] Continue reading

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