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Cloud Atlas: Everything Is Connected

Let’s be honest. Cloud Atlas — both Cloud Atlas the book and “Cloud Atlas” the movie — is dense. It’s complicated, and it’s almost dizzying in scope. I know of no other work of art that has covered as many facets of the human experience: life and death, love and greed. The book is a masterpiece, and yet author […] Continue reading

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Jimmy’s Dilemma: The Completion of Crake’s Vision

The ending of Oryx and Crake is one of the more controversial parts of the book, partially for its vague cliffhanger, partially for the implications that Jimmy’s actions have on his current state of mind. This is what Erin Pellarin questions, theorizing that perhaps Jimmy has been brainwashed by his solitude and Crake’s purpose for […] Continue reading

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Attempts at Some Theses on Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas becomes more complex the more one tries to pick it apart, and Dan Fang in his blog post below has crafted several theories about the overall message and tone of the novel. From the bleakness of the incapability of history to the hope of legacy through narration to a very meta-fictional thesis that […] Continue reading

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