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The Sign of Zodiac

I found Elonka Dunin’s website to be greatly interesting. Her small bits of information about the Zodiac Killer on her List of Famous Unsolved Codes and Ciphers specifically caught my eye. Before now, I had of course heard of this serial killer and his or her bold ciphers. However, I had not thought about it […] Continue reading

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The Writing Process

The first part of my process for writing the practical cryptography paper was selecting a topic. This was quite time consuming since nothing that I found particularly stood out at me. The main problem with selecting a topic was finding something interesting, applicable, and with enough information available. I eventually settled upon Bitcoin. The reason […] Continue reading

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Encryption Use for Journalists

Because my paper is directed at students who wish to pursue a career in journalism, many of my sources are articles found in the Columbia Journalism Review, a magazine aimed at journalists. There have been several articles written about encryption use for journalists in the past few years, especially in the wake of the Snowden […] Continue reading

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The Process of Writing

Writing my practical cryptography paper requires a lot of time and effort. Firstly and most importantly, I have found all of the sources I need in writing this paper. This took a great amount of time to find the perfect articles on the internet to address my topic, phishing. After finding and printing out all […] Continue reading

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Figuring Out Location Services

Currently, I am still very early in the process for writing my practical cryptography paper. I am starting to realize the amount of effort the paper will ┬átake, which gives me a sense of urgency to really get underway. So far, I have really enjoyed thinking about the ways that I will be able to […] Continue reading

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NFC Chips

I have struggled to find a lot of information about my topic.┬áThere is not a problem in finding sources of information: I have 10 sources that are very good. Sifting through and combining them into relevant and on topic information … Continue reading Continue reading

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Writing Process

For this project, I chose to write about the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart devices. My system was to first create an outline of how I wanted to structure my paper. Here I got into detail about what specific … Continue reading Continue reading

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