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Building Build-A-Frank

The design process – Joe Going into the project, I was excited to make a board game because of the creative expression the medium allows. There has been an explosion of adult board games and card games in recent years, with games like Cards Against Humanity and Catan proving that there’s more to the genre … Continue reading “Building Build-A-Frank” Continue reading

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A Reflection from the Frankenstein VR Team

Coming into this project, our group felt similar to that of an oil prospector, searching a goldmine under the ground that would take time and labor to extract. While this metaphor undoubtedly seems far-fetched, what it symbolized was the feeling within our group that we had by far the most interesting and coolest project as … Continue reading “A Reflection from the Frankenstein VR Team” Continue reading

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Making an Unofficial Movie Trailer

So I chose to make a movie trailer. Initially, I thought, “piece of cake,” because of that project before where we had to make a YouTube video from start to finish and deal with copyright claims if they should arise. And then it’s Patchwork Girl. It’s a relatively obscure piece of literature over twenty years old with … Continue reading “Making an Unofficial Movie Trailer” Continue reading

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