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ECWDHMRSA Encryption

Ideas and inventions are not concocted inside of a vacuum. They grow from a wide array of preexisting knowledge and ideas already present in the scientific community from public contributions. However, there exists a break in this flow of information; as Singh points out in chapter 6 of The Code Book, government findings are often […] Continue reading

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From Letters to Numbers

Though Neal Stevenson’s novel Cryptonomicon is fictional, its story of cryptography geniuses Lawrence Waterhouse, Alan Turing and Rudy von Hacklheber during World War II gives a very accurate account of the processes and drama experienced by these experts in their field. World War … Continue reading Continue reading

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Going Public

In Little Brother, the main character Marcus Yarrow repeatedly uses cryptography to spread information without the DHS’s knowledge while disguising it in the chaos of data. Though the characters are only teenagers, they certainly have moved past childish cryptography methods such … Continue reading Continue reading

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